Welcome to the IoT Hack Series @ The AWS Pop-up Loft! This is groundbreaking in several ways as it provides a great opportunity to discover some cutting-edge IoT hardware platforms and also learn on how to connect these devices to the AWS Cloud. We hope to provide you a glimpse of the future of cloud-connected devices, and an opportunity to get hands-on experience and have fun and some fun competition. We encourage you to build creative, visionary prototypes that change the world. Lets reinvent together!


Our goal is to introduce different ways to connect your devices to the AWS cloud. Regardless of the operating system, device, or specific constraints, you can leverage the power of AWS services to connect to the cloud.

Before starting, ensure that you have created an AWS account and installed the AWS CLI tools.

What’s in this Guide?

This tutorial is divided into the following chapters:

AWS Back-end Environment
The first chapter of the tutorial is to create your backend AWS environment
Build the Connected Maraca
The second chapter of the tutorial guides you through setting up your device and coding your IoT application.
Visualize the Data
The final chapter of the tutorial describes the process to create a visualization website to display your IoT data.
What’s Next
After completing the hack series, publish your new projects and receive free stuff!