Launch your CloudFormation Stack

To create your AWS environment, we will use a CloudFormation template. CloudFormation templates use JSON formated documents to quickly and reliably provision AWS resources, referred to as a “stack”.


In this tutorial, we will be setting up resources in the AWS Oregon region (us-west-2). Before continuing, ensure that the region dropdown in the top right of your screen says Oregon.

  1. Open the CloudFormation console page by clicking Services > CloudFormation
  2. Press the blue Create Stack button.
  1. Name your stack. Next, copy and paste the following URL into the S3 template URL field:
  2. Create and enter a new Device ID that will be used to identify your device in your connected applications. You can put anything into this field, but it must be between 5 and 10 characters, and contain no spaces or special characters.

  1. Press Next. Add any tags that will help you identify this stack in the future.
  2. Press Next. This screen will give you an overview of your stack. Note: Here you can get an estimate for how much this environment will cost on a monthly basis.
  3. Press Create. Your stack will now be launched.
  4. In the CloudFormation page, there is a tab called Outputs. Click on this tab and note the values that are returned.

Once your CloudFormation stack has been successfully launched, you will be able to see the Outputs that it created. These are the values you will use when configuring your Connected Maraca and the website visualization tool. To see the outputs, click on the Outputs tab. It will look like this: