Setup and Configure AWS IoT

Today, we will be using AWS IoT to ingest the data from your device.

  1. Click on the AWS IoT (Beta) icon in the AWS Management Console.
  2. Press Getting Started
  3. There are four resources we will need to create. An IoT “Thing”, a rule, a certificate and associated keys and a policy. To start, click Create a thing and then type in Connected Maraca as the name of your thing. Press Create.
  1. Now, let’s create a rule. Press Create a rule. Type ConnectedMaracaRule as the rule name and give it a description.
  1. In the Rule Query Statement section, type * in the attribute field and connected-maraca in the topic filter.
  2. Next, let’s add an action to this rule. In the drop down list select Send message to a real-time data stream (Kinesis). Below, select the Stream Name that was created in the CloudFormation script. Type partitionKey in the Partition Key field. Finally, create a new role that allows access for AWS IoT to publish to your Kinesis stream.
  1. Once done, press Add Action followed by Create.
  2. Next, let’s download our certificates. Click Create a certificate, followed by 1-Click Certificate Create. Download the three files that are created for you.
  1. Now, we need to create a policy to interact with our IoT resources. Click Create a policy. For this example, we will be very permissive. Call your policy ConnectedMaracaPolicy. Define the action as iot:* and the Resource as *. Press Create.
  1. The final step is to attach the policy and the thing to your certificate. On the AWS IoT dashboard, click the checkbox under your certificate. In the actions dropdown, you will need to click Activate, followed by Attach a Policy and Attach a Thing. Attach the policy and the thing you made in the previous steps by referencing the names that you set.


To interact with AWS IoT from your device using the certificates you created, you will also need a root certificate. Click here to download the root certificate. Save this file to your desktop and name it “root-ca.pem.crt”.

To verify that everything is working as expected, follow this guide:

Congratulations! Your AWS IoT environment is setup!